Mapo Straciatella

Mapo Straciatella

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WE HEARD YOU! Now back for a limited run, limited portions. Order now for delivery for DINNER on Monday, 25 May.

Our orders team will call you to confirm your preferred date and time of pickup / delivery.

We are proud to partner with The Mast' for a special collaboration. We have always been committed to supporting local artisans in Singapore; to collaborate is a greater privilege. 

OPTION 1: Stracciatella + glass of wine ($82)
Stracciatella + glass of wine + dessert ($97)
Stracciatella + dessert ($55)
Stracciatella + tin of caviar ($100)
Stracciatella + To Nourish You ($64)
OPTION 6: Stracciatella + Bocconcino di Bufala + Just Buy a Loaf! ($85)

The Mast' is the only establishment in Singapore and the Southeast Asia region to offer fresh house-made buffalo milk cheeses, straight from production to plate. Founded in Rome in 2015, its stracciatella di bufala mozzarella is made from high-quality milk from the restaurant’s very own buffalo farm in Valle dei Templi in Paestum, an area in Italy with the perfect climate conditions for buffalo breeding.

  • What will you be eating?

The Mast' Stracciatella cheese, mala sauce, chili oil, pickled rose, pickled spices, herbs and crunchy bits.

  • If you'd like a nice glass of wine with the dish, fret not!

You can choose to bundle a 200ml pour of the 2016 Gut Oggau 'Family Reunion' Rosé from Austria. 

A wine that carries the tale of a difficult season, Family Reunion is a blend of Winifred and Josephine (Blaufrankisch, Zwiegelt and Roseler) from old and young vines. A profound and deep rosé. Bottled unfined, unfiltered, and with zero addition of sulfur. Berry fruits mix with the dark flavours of the cellar and of woodlands and earth.

  • Start your meal... as you would at our restaurant!

A play on a Nouri staple, To Nourish You is our bread and broth care package. Perfect in the comfort of your own home. Rye sourdough, organic distilled vegetable broth, soft-set nutmeg cheese. 

  • Why would you say no to caviar?

Add a tin of Kaluga Queen Caviar 30g. 

  • We also have just the dessert to close off your meal.

Rice pudding, mango compôte, saffron and rose jelly, Iranian pistachio. Yes, we're eating it as it is we type this.

If you would like to add a loaf of bread, here is our rye sourdough. You can add it to your order and will be delivered together.