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Order now for island-wide delivery for lunch and dinner, FRIDAY MAY 22.

Our orders team will call you to confirm your preferred date and time of pickup / delivery.

OPTION 1: Remix! + Strawberry Amazake ($82)

OPTION 2: Remix! + Glass of 2011 Kabaj Rebula ($114)
OPTION 3: Remix! + Glass of 2011 Kabaj Rebula + Strawberry Amazake ($130)
OPTION 4: Remix! + To Nourish You ($92)

REMIX! is a dynamic collaboration with some of our favourite chefs around the world.

For our first edition we worked closely with Jonathan Tam, head chef of Relae, to reinterpret a signature dish from his restaurant— with our crossroads twist.

King crab and asparagus cooked in mixed grain butter, barley and black rice mui fan, hojicha.

Note: serves one. 
Allergens: dairy, shellfish.

About Relae
The brainchild of Noma alumni Christian Puglisi and Jonathan Tam, Relae is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Copenhagen. A regular on the World's 50 Best list and a pioneer in sustainable cooking, Relae has been recognised twice as the world's most sustainable restaurant. 

We were inspired by an original Jonathan Tam recipe— of seasonal asparagus cooked in barley grain. It's a magical combination. The gentle heat of the barley cooks the asparagus to sweetness perfection. It gives rise to deep, toasted flavours with a hint of star anise and hojicha.

When Jonathan mentioned cooking the barley as a risotto or porridge, we were immediately reminded of a Chinese mui fan. In our interpretation, we cook with barley butter instead of barley to preserve the integrity of our asparagus from Burgundy.

  • Start your meal with our To Nourish You bread and broth set.

Rye sourdough, organic distilled vegetable broth, soft-set nutmeg cheese.

  • If you'd like a nice glass of wine with your dish, fret not!
You can choose to bundle a 200ml pour of the 2011 Kabaj Rebula.

Distinctively spicy and orange hued with aromas more reminiscent of red wine, including cherry and pepper. A bouquet of welcoming vanilla, white peach, grapes.

  • We also have just the dessert to close off your meal.

Our Strawberry and Amazake is not to miss.

Chitose farm strawberries, white chocolate and red bean parfait, amazake.