Solo Bundles (Canestri)

Solo Bundles (Canestri)

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Order now for delivery for dinner on WEDNESDAY JUNE 17 and THURSDAY JUNE 18.

Our orders team will call you to confirm your preferred date and time of pickup / delivery. All pastas come with cooking instructions.

Pasta: $32
BUNDLE 1: Pasta + Glass of Wine ($56)
BUNDLE 2: Pasta + Glass of Wine + Dessert ($73)
BUNDLE 3: Pasta + Bottle of Wine ($113)

  • Enjoy our collaboration with Ben Fatto with this Canestri Pasta

Canestri with celeriac cream sauce, chicken, mushrooms, and Thai flavours.

Note: Each pasta is great as a single entree portion or to share between two as an appetiser.

Allergens: Gluten, diary

  • If you'd like a nice glass of wine with the pasta, fret not!

You can choose to bundle a 200ml pour or an entire bottle of 2016 Campo del Noce. Certified biodynamic and made with 100 percent Montepulciano grapes. Perfumed aromas of rose petals, cherry blossoms and wild shrubs, revealing a refreshingly flavourful and thirst-quenching red. 

  • We also have just the dessert to close off your meal.