WHAT'S A CURRY (ft. HealthServe)

WHAT'S A CURRY (ft. HealthServe)

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Bundle 1: What's A Curry ($58)
Bundle 2: What's A Curry + Loaf of Bread ($74)
Bundle 3: What's A Curry + Dudhi Kofta ($88)
Bundle 4: What's A Curry + Black Pepper Sauce ($84)
Bundle 5: What's A Curry + Black Orange Jam ($80)
Bundle 6: What's A Curry + Culture Is Not Cancelled ($90)

We are thrilled to launch our WHAT'S A CURRY (ft. HealthServe). All proceeds (after cost) from the sale of our curry sauce will go directly and in full to HealthServe.

Coconut milk, cashew nuts, spices. 

All orders of curry will be delivered on Thursdays.

Our 500g bag of curry is perfect for home-cooking! Serve it with rice and a protein of your choice; we recommend either seafood or poultry.

How to use?
The curry is a versatile sauce that can be used in myriad ways. It feeds about 2-4 people depending on what's accompanying it. The best way to enjoy the curry is to bring it up to a boil, pour over rice or roasted vegetables as it is ready to serve.

Allergens: nuts, dairy.

About HealthServe

Founded in 2006, HealthServe is a Singapore-based non-profit organisation that seeks to meet the needs of the migrant workers in our community through the provision of medical care, counselling, case work, social assistance, and other support services.

Since 2016, our team has been working with HealthServe to support foreign workers in Singapore.

Why curry?

Because it is universal, and its history is fascinating.

The Indian subcontinent has exerted enormous influence in the culinary traditions of Southeast Asia. From the use of spices— like turmeric and ginger— as flavour enhancers to the use of coconuts and nuts as thickening agents, food from India has been central to how we eat here.

Journal entries from Vasco da Gama’s expedition to India in 1497 reveal Portugal’s first encounter with spiced, coconut-thickened stews, which three years later were introduced to Brazil when explorer Pedro Álvares Cabral made landfall on the Brazilian coast. In Brazil, the Portuguese encountered chilis, which were native to South America. Over the next few decades, chilis would be introduced to Asia and change the face of its gastronomic traditions forever.

The culinary identities of South America, South Asia, and Southeast Asia are deeply linked. It is no surprise that the birth of specific curries in Asia spiced with chillies, soured with tomatoes instead of tamarind, and thickened with cashew nuts all correspond to the development of dishes in South America like the Brazilian vatapa or Peruvian aji amarillo curries; these latter dishes leveraged the introduction of Asian ingredients like coriander, coconuts, and various spices.

In the spirit of crossroads cooking, our curry pays homage to a multicultural dish and highlights the connections we all share across continents.


Any food and beverage items from our shop can be added to your order, and be delivered together with your curry, free of charge.

This product will be sold in a vacuum sealed bag. This can be kept frozen for up to 3 months, or in the fridge for 4 days.

Please call or WhatsApp +65 9751 5300 should you have any questions.